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Its true this is what happened in the groom Peter’s own words…..

‘Lorenza and I were just friends when we both went to a brain profiling workshop run by Heather France. But it turned out that we had rather similar brain profiles. This meant that we were put in the same small group for a fun exercise. We enjoyed working together on this and started to realise how much we had in common. Soon after this I asked her out. Our understanding of one another’s brains was very helpful as we built our relationship together and learned what made both of us tick. Within months we were engaged, and less than a year after the brain profiling we will be married’.
That was a year ago now they are happily married and after spending time in Tuscany (where Lorenza was born) they are planning an extended holiday touring North America…a proper honeymoon…we wish them both a fulfilled and happy life together.


The Happy Day....

The Happy Day....

Aim HigherAim Higher is a successful government scheme which aims to widen participation in higher education by raising the aspirations and developing the abilities of young people from under-represented groups in our society. Whole Brain Thinking has been working with these young people in York and North Yorkshire for five years in support of these aims. We are proud to sponsor the 6th Form / F.E Learner achievement award at the forthcoming ceremony on Thursday 17th June at the C4C Chapel York St John University.

The awards are to be presented to the winners by Richard McCann the No 1 Bestselling author of ‘Just a boy’ and ”The boy grows up’ . Richard McCann’s mother was the first victim of the Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe. His books document the inspirational journey he has walked since that horrifc crime to his mother.

TLT SolicitorsWe were very pleased to receive this confirmation from one of our clients TLT Solicitors of Bristol


“As a law firm working for some of the UK’s largest financial institutions we want to continually develop the services we offer. Neil France from Genesis introduced us to the concept of Whole Brain Debt Recovery training and we got together to create a bespoke training package that suited our needs. It has proved to be a real success in developing our capabilities and we are very happy to recommend Genesis. “  Sarah Vance TLT Mortgage Enforcement Team Manager

A typical refurbishment project is a floor of a largeFalling at the final hurdle? 

 You know how the story goes….you’re in a beauty parade of six to eight companies for the refurbishment of a floor of offices in the City value £5M ….you make it down to the interview stage of three and now your team has to face the client, their architect, project management company etc…and then you lose….you count the cost £7000 spent in time and materials on the bid and an apology that you did a great job but xyz were cheaper or matched the brief better etc.  please try again…!!

 This was the situation that was given to Neil France of Genesis Business Services six months ago and the client wanted to improve the conversion rate from one in five to….better! Please!

We put together a training course that drew on the NBI Brain Profiling and whole brain thinking techniques developed by Prof. Kobus Neethling. Combine this with specific skills for each of the team members including the Directors role, Financial Manager, Site Manager and M+E Manager etc. This was followed by pre-interview coaching sessions for each new bid and what happened? 

Revisiting the client this week they informed us that despite a really tough environment where margins were constantly being squeezed that just last week they had four interviews with new clients and won….? all four!

The clients specifically told them that in three of the four cases they were not the cheapest but presented the best option.

Our client then said something about what had changed..” we now go into an interview situation expecting to win it..”

We believe this is a critical factor which we can all apply because if YOU do not believe in your proposition fully and unconditionally how an earth are you going to convince others?

By thinking about what each of your clients are looking to get from your offering and explaining it in their language you will be more likely to win their commitment and be successful. What is their language?

That’s where we come in and coach you on whole brain thinking and its implications for your bid.