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How we helped the young Americans from Serve Nazareth

Last week we met a great group of students from the US, Hannah,  Payal, Josh, Greg, Jamie, Kayla, Bradley and Temitope are part of the Serve Nazareth cohort.

They have been raising funds in order to go out to Israel to serve the people of Nazareth; they were in Chelmsford as part of their preparation for their three months of service.

Before landing in the UK the team didn’t know each other apart from Facebook introductions so our brief was to get the team and their two leaders, Derek and Christine to understand themselves, each other and unify them as a team. First of all Neil took them through their Brain Profiles and from then on Neil was known as the Brain guy!!.

As Kayla said “It was really interesting. Great for getting to know a team really well and seeing how it’s going to work as a whole and through different individuals”

 In the afternoon the training consisted of some team building exercises when they had to build an escape helicopter in the jungle and later to survive on a rocky beach in Northern Minnesota after their canoes tipped!!

I’m glad to say all ten survived the experience!

We greatly admired the teams commitment to serve others and wish them well in Israel and may they be mightily blessed.