Libby Purves’ column in the Times today headlined with “Less flair, more care.  We urge creativity in our children, but as recent police errors show, attention to dull detail matters as much”

She goes on to say the Independent Police Complaints commission has made public exactly what went wrong for 17 years in the hunt for the “Night Stalker”, Delroy Grant who robbed and raped old people. She claims that individual officers had not been dotting their i’s and crossing the t’s and criminals have been free to carry on committing crimes when they could have been behind bars.

This Libby feels opens a wider theme.  ”Outside Science and engineering the virtues of nit-picking accuracy and fussy care have become less valued than they were. Modern children are more likely to be urged towards creativity, freedom and questioning the status quo. All good stuff but care and precison matter too and should not be dismissed as “anal”, joyless or borderline obsessive – compulsive disorder”

Of course Libby is correct and this is just what we advocate at Analytical, logical and detailed thinking is just as important as being imaginative, flexible and thinking about the people in any situation. This is why we suggest people use their whole brain in any situation. Most people have a dominant preference and I think you can see what Libby’s is when she talks about early parenthood and how she checked utensil sizes every few weeks after one of her children got its head stuck in a saucepan!! She also sought babysitters with a ‘fussy awareness’ of hot pans, plugs, string and marbles! When mine were little I was just glad of a break and accepted anyone who looked half sensible!

I think you wouldn’t be wrong in describing Libby as being left brained in her thinking so what’s that?  Well she has an eye for accuracy and perfection and gets terribly upset if someone points out a mistake and says she feels sick for an hour or two! Someone who was more right brained in their thinking would just be grateful someone had noticed and wouldn’t be bothered about being wrong. She also has an eye for detail describing her weekend at sea and how she notices that nearly every problem has its origin in someone’s lack of punctiliousness. People who are more right brained in their thinking generally don’t go looking for problems they live in the moment and enjoy it.

But thank goodness we have people like Libby and thank goodness for free spirits too.

I would like to take up her point about creativity and children but that is for another blog!

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