I don’t know what it is about Libby Purves and her articles but she always strikes a cord with me. Her article on Friday “If you play the cheap fares game, follow the rule” is a case in point.

Under that headline she wrote “There are rich rewards for anyone with broadband and a brain” In my opinion that should have read “There are rich rewards for anyone with broadband and a left brain”. All these offers, cheap fares etc favour the more organised among us i.e. more left brain in their thinking. So if you want to plan your trips in advance and book tickets weeks ahead then you are rewarded with cheap fares but if like me your preference is to be more spontaneous and see how the mood takes you then you have to pay over the odds. It’s not just train tickets it’s the same with Tesco vouchers. If you save up your vouchers you can make bigger savings. Many of my friends brag about ‘free’ weekends away and one acquaintance had pulled off a ‘free’ holiday in the Caribbean just by buying everything from Tesco. I stand in admiration.

My latest vouchers came from Tesco and I had £12 worth of vouchers and these were worth up to £36 with Clubcard rewards. I have to swop these vouchers for tokens by going onto the Tesco web site. But this means I have to think ahead about dates and where I want to go or what I want to buy/eat and basically be very structured and organised all of which doesn’t come naturally to me!

I guess one company who does favour the right brain is lastminute.com and we have had a few bargains from them. But why can’t more companies favour right brain people. Why can’t there be last minute train tickets for those people who want to risk it? Train companies could sell off cheap train tickets at the last minute? 

Why can’t we use our Tesco card to buy things with our points we just have to tell companies our Tesco card number and they can see how many points we have and what that equates to? Don’t tell me that’s too complicated because when we can get computers small enough to be put into someone’s eye and I quote

“A team of computer engineers and scientists at the University of Michigan has made a prototype of what they believe is the world’s smallest computer. It’s a solar-powered device that’s just one cubic millimetre in size, and is designed to go inside the human eye”

Then they must be able to do this. No I believe they are forcing us to be more left brained in our thinking and it won’t do!

Maybe one of these days I will take a holiday into my L2 quadrant and surprise everyone with how organised I can be!! Oink oink there goes those flying pigs again.

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