When Neil and I run courses we are often asked “What profile makes the perfect partner?”

I’m afraid there isnt a perfect partner profile! It’s a pity as we could have made a lot of money selling it!

What the NBI brain profile does do is help couples develop a better understanding of each other.

In doing so tolerance and excitement is enhanced instead of criticism and a constant battle of trying to change others to be more like you!

So is the secret to a long and happy marriage a whole brain marriage? We can certainly see evidence of Prince William using whole brain thinking. He has delayed marrying Kate to give them both time to get to know each other and to give her time to come to terms with her exacting role as future Queen. She has had advice from ‘protocol experts’ with tips on how to wave and engage with the public. As Tom Bradby says in the Times today he has an “aching determination to make sure he never gets anything wrong” and so far neither of them has made any significant errors of judgement. As Alison Pearson said in Newsweek to be a good royal wife you have to “combine the aura of a silent movie star and the discipline of a Cistercian num” and Kate is “perfect for the role”. So planning, preparation, perfection all these are signs of left brain thinking.

Then the evidence for Prince William using his right brain, he certainly surprised her with his proposal in Kenya and it was evident from their first interview together that he is affectionate, caring and loving. I especially liked the way he reassuringly patted her hand and told her she would do very well when she was asked about becoming a member of the royal family. There is also the way he rushed out to New Zealand after the earthquake yes to pay his respects but I think to show the New Zealand people that he really cared about their loss.

When we are courting we are often marketing ourselves and creating a facade of maybe someone who we aren’t. They say love is blind and is this why some marriages fail in the first two years?

William and Kate have known each other for quite some time now and have lived together too; they have given themselves the best chance of making this marriage work. 

What is clear is that for any relationship to work it’s not a question of giving 50/50 but 100%.

I personally love a wedding and even if you aren’t a royalist I’m sure you will join me in wishing Prince William and Catherine Middleton a long and happy marriage.

But what do you think will it be a long and happy marriage or will it all end in tears?

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