I have long been a fan of Sir Ken Robinson and if you have yet to be acquainted then look him up on www.ted.com.
On page 99 of his book ‘The Element’ Sir Ken Robinson mentions the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI). In fact in comparing it to Myers Briggs he says ‘I feel more relaxed about this one, because it talks about cognitive preferences in terms that I believe most people would find acceptable’ He goes on to say ‘It doesn’t seek to put people in a box. Instead it tries to show people which of the four brain quadrants they tend to use more often’
Sir Ken obviously hasn’t come across the Neethling Brain Instrument (NBI) Brain profiling and this is probably because HBDI is an American product and Sir Ken now lives in Los Angeles, California.
NBI was created in South Africa by Dr Kobus Neethling who has authored more than 80 books and 9 television series. He has received 10 International Who’s Who Awards and has been cited as one of 2 000 outstanding scholars of the 20th Century. He is the first South African to have received the International Creative Genius Award in 2004 from the International Genius Academy in the USA.

Kobus developed the largest battery of Whole Brain Instruments in the
world, which is currently being used in 30 countries. He also works with major
Corporations, national sporting teams and educational groups around the world.
Kobus is one of the top three speakers in the world on the topics of creativity
and innovation.

Just like Sir Ken, Kobus Neethling is inspirational and they have a similar philosophy.

The majority of people become what they believe. “If you constantly tell a child that he or she is naughty, the child will most likely live up to this label,” says Kobus “If you constantly tell yourself that you will never lose weight, be successful or live to be 100, the chances are that you will not achieve your goals.”

“People never lose their creative abilities but to flourish they must be nurtured. This will ensure that individuals stay creative and achieve success.”

Neil and I are proud to be the principal licensee and distributer throughout the UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland for the NBI, the most comprehensive battery of whole brain thinking instruments in the world

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