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No doubt we all saw the Eurovision build up or the competition itself from here in Baku in May. It was a very exciting time with so many improvements being made for the great event. Roads and parks appeared virtually overnight…actually did in some parts of the City. Nothing was to stop the world seeing Baku at its best. Everyone knew the deadline could not be changed and ‘stuff got done!’ What was interesting was the planning, organisation (L2), Vision for the changes (R1), communication to the country (R2) and being the best it could be (L1) thinking that went on. This is similar to the Olympics in London that produced an uplifting experience for the whole country. What goals are you setting for your lives?
Are they visionary enough?
Do they have a plan to achieve them?>
Have you told anyone else?
What will they bring you in terms of enhancement whether spiritually, materially or environmentally?
We all need to regularly stop and take stock of just where we are going and why. I am not great at this and it takes a stimulus to do this…hopefully this may be your stimulus..