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No doubt we all saw the Eurovision build up or the competition itself from here in Baku in May. It was a very exciting time with so many improvements being made for the great event. Roads and parks appeared virtually overnight…actually did in some parts of the City. Nothing was to stop the world seeing Baku at its best. Everyone knew the deadline could not be changed and ‘stuff got done!’ What was interesting was the planning, organisation (L2), Vision for the changes (R1), communication to the country (R2) and being the best it could be (L1) thinking that went on. This is similar to the Olympics in London that produced an uplifting experience for the whole country. What goals are you setting for your lives?
Are they visionary enough?
Do they have a plan to achieve them?>
Have you told anyone else?
What will they bring you in terms of enhancement whether spiritually, materially or environmentally?
We all need to regularly stop and take stock of just where we are going and why. I am not great at this and it takes a stimulus to do this…hopefully this may be your stimulus..

I have long been a fan of Sir Ken Robinson and if you have yet to be acquainted then look him up on
On page 99 of his book ‘The Element’ Sir Ken Robinson mentions the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI). In fact in comparing it to Myers Briggs he says ‘I feel more relaxed about this one, because it talks about cognitive preferences in terms that I believe most people would find acceptable’ He goes on to say ‘It doesn’t seek to put people in a box. Instead it tries to show people which of the four brain quadrants they tend to use more often’
Sir Ken obviously hasn’t come across the Neethling Brain Instrument (NBI) Brain profiling and this is probably because HBDI is an American product and Sir Ken now lives in Los Angeles, California.
NBI was created in South Africa by Dr Kobus Neethling who has authored more than 80 books and 9 television series. He has received 10 International Who’s Who Awards and has been cited as one of 2 000 outstanding scholars of the 20th Century. He is the first South African to have received the International Creative Genius Award in 2004 from the International Genius Academy in the USA.

Kobus developed the largest battery of Whole Brain Instruments in the
world, which is currently being used in 30 countries. He also works with major
Corporations, national sporting teams and educational groups around the world.
Kobus is one of the top three speakers in the world on the topics of creativity
and innovation.

Just like Sir Ken, Kobus Neethling is inspirational and they have a similar philosophy.

The majority of people become what they believe. “If you constantly tell a child that he or she is naughty, the child will most likely live up to this label,” says Kobus “If you constantly tell yourself that you will never lose weight, be successful or live to be 100, the chances are that you will not achieve your goals.”

“People never lose their creative abilities but to flourish they must be nurtured. This will ensure that individuals stay creative and achieve success.”

Neil and I are proud to be the principal licensee and distributer throughout the UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland for the NBI, the most comprehensive battery of whole brain thinking instruments in the world

These clients and more have all been delighted with the impact the NBI Brain Profile has had on their people: Credit Agricole, Volvo Construction equipment, Woolwich plc, Bank of Ireland Mortgages, Platform Home Loans, Barclays, Clydedale Bank, Yorkshire Bank, Mortgages PLC (Merrill Lynch) Taylor Wimpey, Interbay Funding, Mortgage Trust, The Chelsea BS, The Finance Centre, Tribal plc, Scarborough BS, Cephalon (Paris), Novartis (Basel), Rooftop Mortgages (Bear Stearns), Morgan Stanley (securities lending), Arab Banking Corporation, Crown Mortgage Management, HML, Briggs Environmental (Baku), McCurrachs Financial Services, TLT (solicitors), Aviva, Zurich Insurance, International Faculty of Finance (Informa plc), Collins Construction plc, Go! Business Mortgages, Charterhouse Voice and Data plc, Nightingale Associates (architects) Bond Bryan (architects), Walsall Housing Association, Facilitate (med coms), Saracens Premiership Rugby club,Current tv, John Charcol, Moneyquest, Wells Healthcare, Pink Home Loans, AToM, R W Freight, Skillstrain, Wilson James….in education too many colleges to list call me!!

Our friends at TrainingDirectoryUK have kindly created a virtual ‘Whole Brain Training’ room. Please visit and have your avatar walk around and see whats now possible in the world of remote coaching and training.
If you click on the video screens in the room I’ve put some great clips on them….enjoy.
Click on:|g6bede682852549119c8b2783aaef52d4

Tomorrow we will be delivering our first ever Virtual Presentation in a virtual conference centre. This fantastic concept is being promoted by our associates Training Directory UK. Please click on the link and join us for a glimpse at the future….
We will be presenting from 12.45pm and then you can virtually join us on our booth for a chat afterwards all from the comfort of your office or home!
Hope to see you there…Neil

Exciting news… have you ever wanted to understand why your partner, family or colleagues behave the way they do?
Would you like to start a new people focused career with a brilliant unique selling point?
We are pleased to announce the next public course has been confirmed for Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th January. It will be run at the Clydesdale Bank IFS centre in Crawley near Gatwick Airport.
We will happily send you details of the course content via email.
What will you also receive:
• After completing the post-course case studies you will be awarded a certificate confirming your status as an official NBI Brain Profile Practitioner
• 10 free NBI Brain Profiles to use as you choose worth £350.00p
• Full post course support including tutorials, powerpoint slides for presentations etc.
The fee for the course is only £695.00p plus VAT and this includes all course materials, refreshments and lunch for the two days.
Half of the places have already been reserved so please book soon.

Record breaking numbers made the 17th running of the SA Creativity conference a resounding success. Excited by being asked to present at both the Educators conference which is exclusive for teachers and latterly at ACRE 17 (African CREativity).
Whole Brain Coaching was the topic we chose for the Educators and we explored how to integrate whole brain thinking into the development of young students who often come from a severely underprivileged background. The teachers were really enthusiastic and grateful for the new ideas and techniques we shared with them. Some comments received included: ‘gave us ideas on how to handle different learners’, ‘loved it…useful…relevant’, you gave tools of insight and inspiration, etc.
At ACRE 17 following the first conference we were asked to deliver at one of the key four hour sessions. As there are mainly commercial participants at the second conference we covered ‘Whole Brain Selling in the credit crunch’.
The content looked at how to identify, target and then close on commitment from contacts who can take your business forward. The groups were a mix of Corporate sales people to new entrepreneurs who were looking for tips on how to deliver consistent profitability to their company.
Once again the feedback was very encouraging:’brilliant’, ‘the material he covered was very beneficial and informative’, ‘lots of helpful and accurate info…brilliant’.

Bryan a member of the uber successful Pursuit Team and I are excited to announce that his new company ‘Winning Mindset’ and Genesis will be offering programmes to ‘raise the performance bar’ for our clients. After winning medals at Sydney and Athens Bryan is utilising all of the winning techniques he lived and breathed to succeed at the very top of his sport to support clients to reach their potential. At a time when many companies are working hard to stay ahead the application of our unique approach will unquestionably improve their performance beyond even what they thought was possible!

Productivity and the Y Generation

IQ we know…EQ….we know but now we need to be considering OQ …Organisational Intelligence!

We are pleased to announce a new association with Dr Zoe Douglas-Judson of and we are seeking Directors to be involved in working with us to explore how to best equip their businesses to capture the strength of their Y generation employees with their organisations structure. Success will mean more innovation, productivity improvements and reduced key staff turnover. Interested? please email us at


Libby Purves in the Times yesterday was saying how the diagnoses of ADHD in school children has rocketed, and with them the use of Ritalin (methylphenidate). What started in the US in the 1960’s has risen in this country from 3,500 prescriptions in 1993 to over 610,000 two years ago.

Libby Purves includes a checklist in her article of symptoms of ADHD and of its sibling ODD Oppositional Defiant Disorder. These include: short attention span, carelessness, forgetfulness, being unable to stick at tasks that are tedious or time consuming, ignoring rules and instructions, unwillingness to sit still, fidgeting, impulsiveness, interrupting conversations and having too little sense of danger.

She goes on to say that “Boys are diagnosed most, but the NHS website suggests they’re closing in on girls too, with the mainly inattentive form of the condition, which may make them quiet and dreamy. Don’t look out of the window or doodle hearts, Suzie or they’ll get you with the chemical cosh”

This unease about the wide acceptance of the drug solution to this problem is something Sir Ken Robinson highlighted in a talk he gave at the London Business Forum a couple of years ago and it’s been something which has concerned me for a long time too.

I’m not saying that there is no such thing as ADD, ADHD or ODD I’m saying that some children are misdiagnosed. Reading the above checklist you could be describing someone who is a strong R1 or very right brain dominated in their thinking. Sir Ken Robinson writes in his book ‘The Element’ about Gillian Lynne who helped create some of the most successful musical theatre productions in history, Cats and Phantom of the opera. Gillian describes how when she is taken to a dance school for the first time “I walked in to this room, and it was full of people like me. People who couldn’t sit still. People who had to move to think” Sir Ken says “I think now they’d say she had ADHD and they’d put her on Ritalin or something similar. But the ADHD epidemic hadn’t been invented at the time. It wasn’t an available condition. People had to get by without it.”

Again in Libby Purves article “Professor Tim Kendall who chaired the NICE guideline committee cites “reliable reports of children in nursery being medicated” He went onto say that “There are two reasons why parents go shopping for a diagnosis. The first is to improve their child’s performance at school, and the second is to get access to benefits”

A few years ago I walked into my local bank and I got talking to the foreign exchange banker who was helping me send some money abroad. I told him about NBI brain profile and I predicted he was an L1 R1, a cerebral thinker and I described what that meant. He confirmed I was correct and wanted to know how I could read him so well. I explained that he was fiddling with his pen continuously, tapping his foot, he was easily distracted, had made a mistake on the form but was obviously good at Maths because he was working in a bank all these pointed towards a strong L1 R1 thinker. He then went onto explain how he had been put on Ritalin while he was at secondary school as his parents wanted him to get good GCSE’s.   Once he had got through school he came off the drug. If he had really been ADD, ADHD or ODD he would still be on the drug surely.

This isnt the only story I have personally heard and it’s the reason I am passionate about getting the NBI Brain profile into more schools.

Let’s get more parents understanding their children better rather than putting them on medication.