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Libby Purves in the Times yesterday was saying how the diagnoses of ADHD in school children has rocketed, and with them the use of Ritalin (methylphenidate). What started in the US in the 1960’s has risen in this country from 3,500 prescriptions in 1993 to over 610,000 two years ago.

Libby Purves includes a checklist in her article of symptoms of ADHD and of its sibling ODD Oppositional Defiant Disorder. These include: short attention span, carelessness, forgetfulness, being unable to stick at tasks that are tedious or time consuming, ignoring rules and instructions, unwillingness to sit still, fidgeting, impulsiveness, interrupting conversations and having too little sense of danger.

She goes on to say that “Boys are diagnosed most, but the NHS website suggests they’re closing in on girls too, with the mainly inattentive form of the condition, which may make them quiet and dreamy. Don’t look out of the window or doodle hearts, Suzie or they’ll get you with the chemical cosh”

This unease about the wide acceptance of the drug solution to this problem is something Sir Ken Robinson highlighted in a talk he gave at the London Business Forum a couple of years ago and it’s been something which has concerned me for a long time too.

I’m not saying that there is no such thing as ADD, ADHD or ODD I’m saying that some children are misdiagnosed. Reading the above checklist you could be describing someone who is a strong R1 or very right brain dominated in their thinking. Sir Ken Robinson writes in his book ‘The Element’ about Gillian Lynne who helped create some of the most successful musical theatre productions in history, Cats and Phantom of the opera. Gillian describes how when she is taken to a dance school for the first time “I walked in to this room, and it was full of people like me. People who couldn’t sit still. People who had to move to think” Sir Ken says “I think now they’d say she had ADHD and they’d put her on Ritalin or something similar. But the ADHD epidemic hadn’t been invented at the time. It wasn’t an available condition. People had to get by without it.”

Again in Libby Purves article “Professor Tim Kendall who chaired the NICE guideline committee cites “reliable reports of children in nursery being medicated” He went onto say that “There are two reasons why parents go shopping for a diagnosis. The first is to improve their child’s performance at school, and the second is to get access to benefits”

A few years ago I walked into my local bank and I got talking to the foreign exchange banker who was helping me send some money abroad. I told him about NBI brain profile and I predicted he was an L1 R1, a cerebral thinker and I described what that meant. He confirmed I was correct and wanted to know how I could read him so well. I explained that he was fiddling with his pen continuously, tapping his foot, he was easily distracted, had made a mistake on the form but was obviously good at Maths because he was working in a bank all these pointed towards a strong L1 R1 thinker. He then went onto explain how he had been put on Ritalin while he was at secondary school as his parents wanted him to get good GCSE’s.   Once he had got through school he came off the drug. If he had really been ADD, ADHD or ODD he would still be on the drug surely.

This isnt the only story I have personally heard and it’s the reason I am passionate about getting the NBI Brain profile into more schools.

Let’s get more parents understanding their children better rather than putting them on medication.

Whole Brain Leadership

Saturday 12th March, 2011

Is it a factor of the tough economic climate, the classic ‘when the going gets tough the tough get going’ type scenario?

Well something is certainly happening as the last three proposals we’ve been asked to provide have all been related to the above subject. What is it and how do you know whether you’re doing it?

Well what it isn’t is ‘leading’ by only measuring, controlling, being directive etc. this is much more aligned to simply ’managing’.

A clue was gleaned from an ex-professional footballer who had been observing Tottenham Hotspur’s rise to the heady heights of the last sixteen in the Champions League. He said that in the  800 days of his reign Harry Redknapp has not only applied great tactics in the games but he is forever encouraging players, celebrating their individual successes and team successes. Team spirit a much talked about goal seems to be the result the ‘whole’ becomes greater than the constituent parts. This is in essence is what whole brain leadership is about: the use of BOTH sides of your brain to understand what is needed in a particular situation with your team.

We are working closely with one of the country’s top rugby sides to support their coaches further improve their coaching techniques with the squad. The project is still in the research phase and we are keen to develop a complete coaching process using the Rugby Profiles the players have completed with the management team. We will be continually assessing how to support the coaches in maximising the success of the coaching interventions.

New association

Monday 21st February, 2011

We are pleased to announce that we have formed a new association with IIR one of the worlds largest training providers. Joint marketing activities will include the promotion of ‘Whole Brain Selling’ to organisations to improve Relationship Management, Sales Presentations and running Effective Meetings.

How we helped the young Americans from Serve Nazareth

Last week we met a great group of students from the US, Hannah,  Payal, Josh, Greg, Jamie, Kayla, Bradley and Temitope are part of the Serve Nazareth cohort.

They have been raising funds in order to go out to Israel to serve the people of Nazareth; they were in Chelmsford as part of their preparation for their three months of service.

Before landing in the UK the team didn’t know each other apart from Facebook introductions so our brief was to get the team and their two leaders, Derek and Christine to understand themselves, each other and unify them as a team. First of all Neil took them through their Brain Profiles and from then on Neil was known as the Brain guy!!.

As Kayla said “It was really interesting. Great for getting to know a team really well and seeing how it’s going to work as a whole and through different individuals”

 In the afternoon the training consisted of some team building exercises when they had to build an escape helicopter in the jungle and later to survive on a rocky beach in Northern Minnesota after their canoes tipped!!

I’m glad to say all ten survived the experience!

We greatly admired the teams commitment to serve others and wish them well in Israel and may they be mightily blessed.

TLT SolicitorsWe were very pleased to receive this confirmation from one of our clients TLT Solicitors of Bristol


“As a law firm working for some of the UK’s largest financial institutions we want to continually develop the services we offer. Neil France from Genesis introduced us to the concept of Whole Brain Debt Recovery training and we got together to create a bespoke training package that suited our needs. It has proved to be a real success in developing our capabilities and we are very happy to recommend Genesis. “  Sarah Vance TLT Mortgage Enforcement Team Manager

A typical refurbishment project is a floor of a largeFalling at the final hurdle? 

 You know how the story goes….you’re in a beauty parade of six to eight companies for the refurbishment of a floor of offices in the City value £5M ….you make it down to the interview stage of three and now your team has to face the client, their architect, project management company etc…and then you lose….you count the cost £7000 spent in time and materials on the bid and an apology that you did a great job but xyz were cheaper or matched the brief better etc.  please try again…!!

 This was the situation that was given to Neil France of Genesis Business Services six months ago and the client wanted to improve the conversion rate from one in five to….better! Please!

We put together a training course that drew on the NBI Brain Profiling and whole brain thinking techniques developed by Prof. Kobus Neethling. Combine this with specific skills for each of the team members including the Directors role, Financial Manager, Site Manager and M+E Manager etc. This was followed by pre-interview coaching sessions for each new bid and what happened? 

Revisiting the client this week they informed us that despite a really tough environment where margins were constantly being squeezed that just last week they had four interviews with new clients and won….? all four!

The clients specifically told them that in three of the four cases they were not the cheapest but presented the best option.

Our client then said something about what had changed..” we now go into an interview situation expecting to win it..”

We believe this is a critical factor which we can all apply because if YOU do not believe in your proposition fully and unconditionally how an earth are you going to convince others?

By thinking about what each of your clients are looking to get from your offering and explaining it in their language you will be more likely to win their commitment and be successful. What is their language?

That’s where we come in and coach you on whole brain thinking and its implications for your bid.

There are lots we can do and Genesis and Whole Brain Thinking are looking to offer clients options from now on to support Earth Day. We attended the American Chamber of Commerce..Costa Rica..22nd April and learnt some interesting facts..lets look at some statistics from the US Ambassador Anne S Andrew  speaking at the above event this morning :0.7 deg rise in earth temperature, in 100 years we’ve burnt 300 million years supply of photo synthesised products (coal /oil etc). And so on.

In the UK we generally meet face to face however whilst in Costa Rica I have learnt that by using the Citrix software ‘gotomeetings’  a perfectly acceptable meeting could be completed. We will be offering this to our clients as an alternative to face to face meetings thereby saving time and energy for everyone. Our new business partner Rosemary Rein of from Now to Wow! and Genesis  will also be using this to introduce on-line on screen coaching to our clients shortly.

US Ambassador Anne S Andrew speaking at the Earth Day conference

US Ambassador Anne S Andrew speaking at the Earth Day conference

The continued uncertainty of the flight back to the UK has given me the opportunity of working with Rosemary Rein of from ‘Now to Wow!’ with her client American Furniture Design. We delivered a series of roleplays based upon a buyers Brain profile to show how effective this concept can be in building stronger rapport and therefore improving sales at the right profit margin…

Ready for role-playing...!

Ready for role-playing...!