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22nd – 23rd June 2010

Friday 19th March, 2010

The latest Brain Practitioner training is taking place in Leicester on 22nd – 23rd June as we have had many requests from clients further north. Dont worry though all you Southern people November’s Brain Practitioner training will take place in the South. Details will be on the web site soon. Drop us an email to express your interest.

Launched at the annual UK Creativity Conference at Greenwich University, the new Whole Brain Thinking site already has attracted admirers. “I didn’t realise there were so many profiles to choose from!”, said one user. “its  an easy to site to use, with simple explanations about the world of Whole Brain Thinking.” The site focuses on how the Brain Profile can help in all aspects of your life. From Relationships to Leadership, the Brain Profile provides insight into how your thinking affects your choices and behaviours. Take your time to navigate through the various sections.

If you would rather have a conversation about how the Brain Profile works, feel free to contact Heather France at 01245 422 275.