NBI® Profile List

Many years of research has proven that our brain consists of two hemispheres, the left and the right brain. We now also know that our “thinking brain” consists of four quarters (quadrants) and that we all have thinking preferences associated with one, two or more of the brain quadrants. Each of us has a brain profile which indicates our brain preferences. These profiles shed significant light on the reasons why we differ, why we react differently in the same situations, why our expectations of others and situations are not the same, why we raise our children differently, why we manage, teach and learn differently.

You could be more left brained or more right brained

Analytical and factual
Organised and detailed
Strategic and unorthodox
Interpersonal and sensitive

To get your Brain Profiled, simply select an assessment from the list on the right.

Follow the instructions to complete the online assessment, which takes approximately 20 minutes.

You will then be emailed a detailed personalized report highlighting your thinking preferences.

It is important to remember that brain profiles are not right or wrong.

Understanding our thinking preferences simply gives us the skills to approach life.