Become a Whole Brain Practitioner

As an NBI Whole Brain Practitioner you will be certified to use and sell the Brain Profile to individuals and organisations. This will mean you can order, administer and deliver presentations to individuals and groups to show how the Brain Profile will help them in their personal, social or professional lives. You will also receive 10 free profiles (worth up to £350) and purchase all subsequent profiles at a greatly reduced rate.

If you are internal to an organizationBeing a practitioner means the freedom to administer the profiles to individuals, teams, classrooms or groups, as and when you like. It also gives you the qualification to effectively run the debrief session yourself – with our support should you need it.

If you are an independent consultant or trainerThe NBI brain profile is a fantastic addition to your product offering. The self-awareness the team gains from doing the profile is a great warm up for any type of training or intervention. It also allows you an opportunity to tailor the session according to the profiles of the people in the room. It is an excellent opportunity to generate additional income.

As a coachThe NBI brain profile is a great way to start a conversation. By knowing their natural thinking preferences, individuals have a better understanding of why they struggle and what they are attracted to. As a coach, it will help you to make an impact by speaking in their language.

To become a practitioner, simply attend the interactive, 2-day training course and we will give you all the knowledge, tips and tricks on how to use the brain profile effectively. We will detail the different types of profiles available with advise on when to use them. You will also receive a comprehensive pack filled with information to refer to when you get back home.

Our next NBI practitioner training programmes are:

September 2019
Venue near London