Whole Brain Thinking


“On starting with the company, the NBI Brain Profile is a great tool to share both ways with colleagues and line managers. It helps understand how each person ‘ticks’.”
- Dean Cutbill, Products and Marketing Director, Clydesdale Bank

The NBI Brain Profile in the Workplace

Provides insight into your leadership style.
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Identifies the type of creativity you use and apply.
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Personal profile
Identifies an individual's skills acquired over time.
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Don't tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results

After many years of use in some of the UK’s leading companies the NBI Brain Profile has proven its worth time and again. Applying whole brain thinking in business has made the difference between getting the sale or not; managing a high performance team instead of managing conflict; and leading effectively in a fast-changing world instead of trying to catch up to competition.

The NBI brain profile provides a map of an individual’s thinking preference. Having a global view of how the people in your organization think provides insight into how to communicate and manage effectively. Applying whole brain thinking to customers means more meaningful interactions. The result is improved productivity internally, and increased sales externally.

Choose from an array of NBI brain profiles tailored to every day business needs and experience:

  • Increased individual and team effectiveness
  • Strengthened customer and client relationships
  • More effective team creation
  • Ensuring management styles match how individuals learn and develop
  • More effective leadership and decision-making
  • Develop creative and innovative approaches to business or personal issues
“The NBI Brain Profile work made its way into common language within this sales force - without the Brain Profile we would have struggled to move the business and the people in the way we have.”
Mark Richardson, Santander Group

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