Whole Brain Thinking


“He loved surprising me with tickets and evenings out. I prefer to have more notice, and time to plan. It turns out I am more left brain dominated and he is more right. A better understanding of how we think has lead to less time arguing and more time having fun.”
- Rachel

Whole Brain Relationships

Provides insight into how you prefer to interact in a relationship.
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Personal profile
Identifies an individual's skills acquired over time.
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Cracking the relationship code will enrich and enhance your life

The ability to build rapport and strong relationships with people is one of the most important skills in life. Understanding your and your partner’s thinking preferences - and how these impact upon your relationship - will go a long way towards deepening your connection. This will result in acceptance and enjoyment instead of criticism and the constant battle of trying to change him or her to be more like you!

Everyone has their own unique set of thinking preferences, which explains how people can think and act so differently to us in similar circumstances. Understanding the way you and others think provides a powerful tool for improving your relationships with partners, family, friends, customers and colleagues.

The NBI brain profile will help explain:

  • why at times it feels as though you and your partner are speaking different languages
  • if you are a “roses and champagne” person or if you prefer to show your love in practical ways
  • why you might like to plan night outs and weekends away or if you prefer to act on the spur of the moment

Understanding how you function in relationships will also help you tune into your partner.

Case studies

PeterLorenza and I were just friends when we both went to a brain profiling workshop run by Heather France. But it turned out that we had rather similar brain profiles. This meant that we were put in the same small group for a fun exercise. We enjoyed working together on this and started to realise how much we had in common. Soon after this I asked her out. Our understanding of one another's brains was very helpful as we built our relationship together and learned what made both of us tick. Within months we were engaged, and less than a year after the brain profiling we will be married.


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