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Create a health plan tailored to how you think. It is the only way it will stick!

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Happy and successful people are those people who find their own strength zones

Do your thinking preferences really have anything to do with your eating habits? To be quite honest – just about every kind of behaviour has something to do with your thinking preferences. Understanding how you think goes a long way in creating a weight loss programme that works.

The only way you can stick to any weight loss program or exercise plan, is to accept the ball is in your court. That is exactly where it should be – you are responsible for you. Applying techniques and strategies that appeal to your natural thinking preference will ensure the journey is effortless and effective long term.

For example, if you have more right brained thinking preferences you will most likely need to vary your exercise, or try something new every few months. If you are more left brained, it may be important for you to study the medical benefits around your choices so that you clearly understand the facts.

Simply knowing your thinking preferences, and playing to your strengths, goes a long way to incorporating healthy eating and exercise as a part of your lifestyle, and not just something that is thought of before holiday season.


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