Whole Brain Thinking


“We need to get to know our pupils as quickly as possible. The NBI Brain Profile gives us instant knowledge of the pupils’ strengths and interests. We are then better able to create personalised learning. ”
- Ellen Cook, Danesgate Skills Centre

The Brain Profile in Education

Teacher trainer
Focuses on your thinking preferences in the teaching and training environment.
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Young child
Measures the thinking preference of young children.
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Junior student (8-14yrs)
Measures your thinking preferences as a student.
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Senior student (15yrs +)
Measures your thinking preferences as a student.
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Identifies the type of creativity you use and apply.
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Provides insight into your learning style.
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The teacher, if indeed wise, does not bid you enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind

The NBI Brain Profile has had a significant impact in schools and academic institutions by providing invaluable information on the thinking preferences of both teachers and students. Children with different thinking preferences prefer to learn and study in different ways. By being aware of this, and adapting their teaching style to become ‘whole brained’, teachers increase their effectiveness by engaging with ALL learners, irrespective of their specific thinking preferences.

Parents can also become aware of how certain study methods and learning environments are most effective for their children. They can support their child’s preferred learning style resulting in greater enjoyment, confidence and academic achievement.

For StudentsThe NBI Brain Profile provides unique insight and understanding into:

How you learn:

  • why you prefer certain subjects
  • why you respond better to certain teachers
  • how you can revise more effectively

How you and your family/friends think and communicate leading to:

  • better relationships

How to present yourself and communicate in a “whole brained” way in:

  • interviews
  • presentations
  • work experience
  • the future workplace

This type of self awareness boosts self-confidence and self-esteem. It also provides an appreciation of strengths leading to more appropriate decisions regarding subject and course selection; university choices; and careers decisions.

For TeachersThe NBI Brain Profile provides teachers with unique insight and understanding into your students:

An immediate picture of how they prefer to learn and communicate for:

  • rapid relationship building
  • strategies for engaging with ALL students

How to help students who are not achieving their full potential:

  • Adapt teaching techniques accordingly

It is also helpful to understand your teaching style:

  • Why you enjoy teaching in a certain way
  • How to adapt your style
  • How to teach in a ‘whole brained’ way, resulting in:
    • increased confidence and job satisfaction
    • greater impact
    • increased student participation
    • better results for you and your students

Case studies

Guidance Services, YorkIn York and North Yorkshire, the NBI Brain Profile is used with young people who live in areas where there are cool spots for progression into further and higher education.

In the main stream schools in North Yorkshire (via Aim Higher Funding) young people are identified who have the ability to go onto Further and Higher Education but for one reason or another are not progressing as they should. We use the results of the feedback to target support from both the school and the Connexions Personal Advisers. Personal Advisers have been trained to deliver the Brain Profile with the students in groups of up to 12 students, but the feedback is done individually. An Action Plan is then produced with student, and a copy of the plan is given to the school so that additional support can be given where appropriate.

In all cases students are very receptive to the results as they can easily use these to help identify their preferred thinking and learning styles. It helps them to understand why they enjoy certain subjects and what to do to help them develop a higher level of competency (with the assistance of their teacher) and thereby improving personal performance. Schools who have worked with the Brain Profile describe it at as a useful tool in helping young people manage their progression.

Netherside Hall, York (school)The experience at Netherside Hall showed that “the boys found this really interesting and informative and responded very positively to this exercise. I think it was useful that the Personal Advisor carried out the assessment as it helped them to appreciate that Connexions and the school are in partnership. We have gone through the Profiles with pupils individually. It has given them a good insight into their learning styles and is proving very useful for teaching and other staff. Information and a copy of individual profiles has gone home to parents”.

Danesgate Skills Centre, YorkAt the Skills Centre the Brain Profile is used as part of the students’ initial assessment and induction and is usually delivered in small groups of 3 or 4. Feedback is done on an individual basis and an Action Plan produced which suggests any additional support which may be required for that young person.


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