Whole Brain Thinking

Life coaching

“I find that the NBI Brain Profile accelerates the process of building rapport with clients, offers them valuable feedback in terms of their thinking styles.”
- Chris Porter, Life coach

Whole Brain Life Coaching

Provides insight into your learning style.
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Identifies the type of creativity you use and apply.
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Personal skills
Identifies an individual's skills acquired over time.
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Personal profile
Identifies an individual's skills acquired over time.
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No one who learns to know himself remains just what he was before

In broad terms, coaches help clients to:

  • define their desired goals and outcomes
  • be more self aware – of their thinking processes, personality, strengths, experience, values and beliefs
  • remove any self-learned barriers and obstacles to realising their full potential
  • create strategies and action plans for achieving their goals

NBI Brain Profiling is an invaluable tool within coaching relationships and can accelerate the speed with which the relationship is established and the client’s outcomes achieved.

It helps clients identify their preferred way of thinking, which goes a long way towards explaining why certain things present challenges for them yet others seem straightforward. Understanding their Brain Profile, and how they interpret situations, can bring a sense of relief to some clients as they begin to understand and value differences both in themselves and in others.

NBI Brain Profiling can also help the coach build rapport and a deep understanding of where the client is coming from. It will provide the coach with opportunities to explore with the client how their way of thinking has supported or hindered them in achieving their goals and how they may, if they choose to, develop alternative ways of thinking.


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