Whole Brain Thinking


Knowing how you and your team-mates think is like having a secret weapon ready to blow the other side away

Whole Brain in Sport

Profiles your rugby brain as a player.
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Rugby referee
Profiles your rugby brain as a referee.
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Profiles your soccer brain as a player.
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Identifies the thinking preferences of the individual golfer.
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Profiles your cricket brain as a player.
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profiles your netball brain as a player.
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Personal profile
Identifies an individual's skills acquired over time.
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The time when only the body was trained is gone forever. Unless we train the body and mind in tandem we have no chance of competing successfully at the highest level

There are so many dynamics at play in any type of team sports. Individual players could be striving to develop and improve his/her game. While the coach is thinking of how to move the whole team forward.

Understanding your NBI brain profile, and that of your teammates, can go a long way to making better decision in key moments, and in seeing the overall big picture. For a coach being able to leverage the players individual strengths can make the difference in getting that win.

The NBI brain profile has been tailored for the following sports: Rugby, Rugby Referree, Football(Soccer), Golf, Tennis, Cricket, Netball.


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