What is Whole Brain Thinking?

Everyone has their own unique set of thinking preferences. This explains why others can think and act so differently to us in similar circumstances. Whole Brain Thinking helps us understand how others think, and gives us an insight into how to better manage relationships. Whether creating a high performing team, or communicating with a romantic partner, the NBI brain profile offers insight into an individual’s motivation, their approach to problem solving, and how they make decisions.

The Neethling Brain Instruments, known as the NBI Brain Profile, identifies our thinking preferences and provides the means of understanding the different ways we prefer to think and therefore communicate with those around us. It measures the preferences an individual might have for performing certain tasks or mastering certain skills - it does not measure his/her abilities or skills.

Thinking preferences give an indication of how individuals:

  • Prefer to do business
  • Act toward other people
  • Communicate
  • Learn
  • Teach
  • Solve problems
  • Make decisions
  • Suit their chosen career or course selection