Practitioner Training

September 2019

The 2 day workshop offers an in-depth look into the different quadrants of the brain and teaches the techniques and skills necessary to consult others and analyse a person’s thinking preferences.

At the end of this comprehensive training you will:

  • Be qualified to use the Brain Profile within your company, school or own business
  • You will receive 10 free profiles (worth up to £350) and purchase all subsequent profiles at a greatly reduced rate.
  • Be able to help others be more effective and successful in their communication, selling, leadership and rapport building
  • Understand how people learn so you can be more effective in the design and delivery of your teaching and training
  • Maximize your impact as a coach or mentor to others
  • Be in a position to generate additional income

Once accredited, you will receive on-going support from us, including, powerpoint presentations, print materials and your own access to the website in order to: assign profiles, access completed profiles, create group views, generate reports and much more.

What do you need to do prior to the workshop? You need to complete your own Brain Profile before the course, if you haven't done so already. The codes will be sent to you via email upon registration.

Where Venue near London

Trainers:Heather France: 07775 833185
Neil France: 07798 806469



Our next practitioner training programmes are:

September 2019
Venue near London